I swapped my innocence for pride
Crushed the end within my stride
Said I’m strong now I know that I’m a leaver
Mascara bleeds a blackened tear, oh
And I am cold, yes, I’m cold
But not as cold as you are
I love the sound of you walking away…


Playlist dominicale n°44 / Pack Up Your Bags & Go. disponible sur Spotify : Pack Up Your Bags & Go.

  1. For 12 / OTHER LIVES
  2. Pack Up Your Bags & Go / GENERAL ELEKTRIKS
  3. Incision / SHING02
  4. Prendre Corps / ARTHUR H
  5. Moment Of Truth / KOOL & THE GANG
  6. The Melody / ESKMO
  7. Smells Like Teen Spirit / PATTI SMITH
  8. Big Bird In A Small Cage / P.WATSON
  9. Praises / KEEDZ