This is a public warning
Be careful when you’re out
We’re having freaky weather
There’s a lot of it about
On the terraces it’s swinging
He’s a monkey on the roof
You’ve seen him on the telly
So let me introduce you’re host tonight

Playlist dominicale n°39 / Le diable s’habille en Sloggy disponible sur Spotify :

  1. The Devil / ANNA CALVI
  2. Me And The Devil / GIL SCOTT HERON
  3. Lucifer’s Symphony / JAPANDROIDS
  4. The Devil Is In The Beats / THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS
  5. Devil’s Haircut / BECK
  6. This Devil’s Workday / MODEST MOUSE
  7. Miss Lucifer’s Love / FUNKADELIC
  8. Satan / FRANZ IS DEAD
  9. The Devil / PJ HARVEY
  10. Friend Of The Devil / THE GRATEFUL DEAD