Alex needs a fix ’cause he’s going down. Down to the bits that he left uptown. But when he holds me in his arms, when he feels his finger on my trigger, he knows nobody can do him no harm. He now can take a walk on the electronic side.

Bang bang, shoot shoot!

Playlist dominicale n°32 / La balle à Alex T.Rawnick disponible sur Spotify :

  1. Electronics / SHIT BROWNE
  2. A Little Bit Closer / JAMES PANTS
  3. My Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco! / ZITA SWOON
  4. Instafix / SOUL CLAP
  5. Hurt / SETH TROXLER
  7. To See You Smile / YUKSEK
  8. Beetlebum / BLUR (MOBY Remix)
  9. Trial 1, Mr Bojangles / PHILIP GLASS