Find a shadow cast by rainbows, there you’ll meet the sage. Feeding rabbits bits of lettuce or cleaning out the cage. He can give more direction than you’ve ever known. Show you your bronzed baby shoes now, my how you have grown! Ain’t it nice to fly? You’re waving as soft clouds go by, but Peace won’t be still of its own free will. Say you want to go exploring ; you got to find some truth.


Playlist dominicale n°28 / Ouerdouillougo ? disponible sur Spotify:

  1. Do The Chicken / SILVERVINCE
  2. Down In Mexico / THE COASTERS
  3. Send Him Away / FRANZ FERDINAND
  4. Egyptian Reggae / THE KUMARS
  5. Skank In The Air / CHINESE MAN
  6. You And Whose Army / RADIOHEAD
  7. Just Dropped In / KENNY ROGERS
  8. Rece Cica / SOCALLED
  9. I Love London / CRYSTAL FIGHTERS
  10. Nervous Like Me / THE DAP-KINGS
  11. Stck A Bush / THE GLADIATORS
  12. We Belong Together / PHYLLIS DILLON
  13. Farmer In The Sky / JAHTARI RIDDIM FORCE
  14. Pain In The Ass / NINA KRAVIZ (ALEXKID remix)
  15. Space Echoes / FRANZ IS DEAD
  16. Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground / ANTONY and THE JOHNSONS